Let’s Go Bingo!

It’s just a simple, fun game. A game we all played as kids. And, boy, what a thrill to shout out “BINGO!” when your number is called.

Thousands of Texans play every day in your neighborhood. They play for fun. They play with family and friends. They play to win a few extra bucks. But for every prize winner, countless others win, too.

That’s because money from bingo goes to non-profits licensed to operate the game in your town. Charitable bingo in Texas helps make lives and communities better.

Want to join the fun? Then LETS GO BINGO!

Who We Are

We are a statewide organization made up of charities, and others, licensed to operate bingo games in Texas. Founded in 2005, we are almost 450 members strong and growing.

Non-profits make up roughly 90 percent of our membership. Together, we promote and advocate for the game. We do that for the Texans helped by our charity members and for those who love to play the game.

Who We Serve

Texans helping Texans by playing bingo.

Our non-profit members rely on the money generated from operating bingo. In almost every county in the state, money earned in the bingo hall goes to carry out their work and mission. Real lives are profoundly influence by this simple, fun game.

It may be the volunteer fire department or the animal rescue center. It could be the local VFW, American Legion or Knights of Columbus. Maybe it’s a museum, high school booster club or even an entire community built for the mentally and physically challenged. It could be any type of non-profit charity that is working to improve lives and communities.

Who do we serve? We serve you.